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Greg Crain is the father of two boys, Linden Lloyd Crain and Nolan Gregory Crain.  He currently resides with his two sons in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada.  Greg's hockey coaching career started in his early 20s and has evolved over the last three decades. His coaching experience includes minor hockey in house league, AAA as well as Junior B and Junior C. He ended his junior career as a scout in the Ontario Hockey League. Currently, he spends his time on the executive board of a local minor hockey association.

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Greg's stories, opinions and philosophies regarding hockey run rampant through this book. He spills endless entertaining stories about his years in minor and junior hockey and as an executive in a minor hockey association. You will see the game through a coach's eyes, learn how to break into the coaching world and find out how players can really stand out and excel, both on and off the ice. You will get first hand accounts of how coaching helped him become a better parent and how your network really is your net worth. You will read funny, truthful as well as shocking accounts regarding the many parents he has encountered over the years. The stories of his junior hockey experience are a true throwback to old school hockey. Sit back, relax and enjoy the uniqueness and honesty as he recounts his hockey coaching career and how the game helped shape not only his players' lives, but his own. 


Coach Crain excelled at taking players that wanted to learn and improve and making them better. He recognized players with talent who worked hard and were devoted. In turn, he promoted them as much as possible. I feel extremely fortunate that I had him coach me for two years. I see now how he elevated my game higher than any other coach at that time, making it possible for me to get drafted in the OHL draft. I feel very fortunate and grateful that I had him as my coach. Several players and myself all got drafted and played at higher levels of hockey because of Coach Crain’s help.


Great memories.... Great coach


former player


Greg prides himself on his expertise in the following few key areas: leadership, fundamentals, focus and sportsmanship. Greg is available to speak to organizations, teams and groups about these topics as well as share his experience with and vast knowledge of the sport of hockey. To have Greg speak to your group, please fill out the form below.


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